“Technological progress holds the potential to materialise any imaginable utopia.“

Utopia Capital is dedicated to backing transformative early-stage companies and mission-driven founders.

We provide capital and strategic resources for entrepreneurs tackling humankind’s biggest challenges and building companies with real impact. Our investment strategy is driven by identifying companies with innovative approaches on solutions defying the conventional view for solving those problems today.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves and having built multiple successful companies enables us to support our founders with more than just capital, making transformative introductions and providing real value-add.

We are convinced that the next decade is creating a trillion-dollar market opportunity for companies reshaping the foundation of the global economy. The question we like to ask our founders is: How can you solve [y] for [$x] billion per year, y being problems like world hunger, climate change, etc. and x being an amount of money that is much smaller than conventionally thought thanks to the innovative approaches.

We back companies that matter.

Our Utopia so far


Preventing 20 million+ deaths from viruses and bacteria per year


Viraprevent uses advanced semiconductor technology to generate an electromagnetic wave field that inactivates bacteria and viruses on the surfaces and in the air. It can be safely used in any room under everyday conditions, cleaning the air and making it save for anyone to be there.


Closing the gap of 4 million affordable homes in the US

ARC Build

ARCBuild is solving the lack of affordable homes in the United States and abroad by offering sustainable and cost-effective modular housing solutions. They deliver finished units in 40-60% less time and cost than traditional construction, while partnering closely with cutting-edge, clean technologies, which they incorporate into their units. This creates the most sustainable off-grid home in the world.


Solving world hunger by increasing farmers‘ crop yields 10 – 50%


Agrarius is a agri-technology company that helps farmers to increase crop yields. They have developed an organic fertilizer that is cheaper than conventional fertilizers and can increase crop yields in studies and field trials by 10-50% vs. 10% of conventional fertilizers. While doubling farmers profits, this technology can solve world hunger.

Get involved in shaping the future

Our network consists of accredited investors co-investing in selected deals with us.

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