Their story

Michal has extensive experience in start-up building having built several successful companies in the field of aerospace and AI before committing to Agrarius. With Agrarius, he and his team are building a plant growth technology company that increases farmers’ crop yields. The team has developed after several years of R&D, an organic fertilizer that is cheaper than conventional fertilizers and can increase crop yields in studies and field trials by 10-50%, which has the potential to double farmer´s profits.

Their impact

Agrarius sends stress signals that plants understand and propagate through the mycelium network. These signals literally tell plants how to grow, which is one of the biggest innovations in agriculture in the last 100 years. Since fertilizer prices have nearly doubled in the last two years, Agrarius is tackling a multi trillion dollar market opportunity substituting current use of fertilizer while increasing crop yields and unlocking new use cases such as reforestation and wildfire prevention.

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How we´re helping

We invested in Agrarius´ Seed round and decided to support their expansion by becoming a distribution partner for their product across Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, given our strong network in the agriculture field.