Their story

Viraprevent´s product was invented and developed by Dr. Lutz Rothe, an inventor, who has an outstanding track record of world-changing inventions. His two most successful inventions being the flat design of omnidirectional antennas that are now being used worldwide in cars, trains and the emergency call box we know from highways. Dr. Rothe has a degree in engineering and after working for Siemens for several years, he started his own business selling his inventions to blue-chip companies including Deutsche Telekom and Thyssen Krupp. The development of Viraprevent´s technology and the associated key projects is based on the Dr. Rothe’s own scientific and technical know-how, the key elements of which have been protected under intellectual property law.

Their impact

Viraprevent aims to disrupt the global disinfect market with its patented far-range UV light emitter producing a UV light, which is capable of inactivating bacteria, germs, and viruses (such as the Covid-19 Virus), but does not harm the human body , skin or retina. The product is a game changer in its industry, enabling a more secure, easier and cheaper alternative to the products currently leading the market, such as room diffuser, or air cleaner. Viraprevent’s mission is to prevent the more than 20 million deaths per year that occur globally due to virus and bacteria related illnesses.


How we’re helping

We met Dr. Lutz Rothe in 2021, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and after learning more about his invention, we were struck by its potential to revolutionize the disinfection market and make our world a safer place. We partnered with him and helped him to get the production line off the ground as well as finding a co-founder with a strong commercial background, having worked at Tier-1 consulting firms. Besides that, we are supporting the company on the fundraising side, introducing the team to strategic investors bringing significant value-add.